Audit as a general concept, our service is to offer customers the added value required independent opinion on the fairness of financial statements. An external audit should culminate in a report, which rules on the reasonableness of accounting information for presentation to others, which can serve as a basis for making decisions affecting the entity that issued the financial statements as those, relate with him. Constantly strive to improve service to our customers as Auditors, who ultimately are the ones who need, as well as the community. This must be understood as an essential means to clarifying and order, with which we have to perform the task properly. Detect critical areas, identifying risks that have the business, as well as evaluation of information systems. We finished with a mastery of technical knowledge, as well as technological tools, adding to the understanding of the business each of the proposed improvements according to identified needs:

The services provided may include:

1. Audit of Financial Statements
2. Special Topics Audit
3. Systems Audit
4. Advice on Fraud Prevention and Detection.
5. Operational and Process Audit
6. Permanent delivery of new developments in this area.