Within the organization of our study, we have the Legal Advisory sector, which is formed by a team headed by Dr. Eduardo Incardona (Partner), with an excellent track record, which combines experience, expertise and seriousness, dedication and work.

These services, like the rest of those provided by this study, are characterized by their dynamism and their vocation. We seek in the profession, providing the best advice in the shortest time possible. To this end, our clients receive adequate and constant personal attention, keeping open various channels of communication.
The premise is supported by the study of conflict resolution in the most effective and convenient, avoiding legal problems that would lead to conflict resolutions. Your rights are defended by lawyers, giving individual attention and providing sound advice, fair and equitable.

Within the legal services are among others:

1. Writing Civil and Commercial Contracts.
2. Representation before Labor Ministry.
3. Legal representation.
4. Defense and enforcement of labor demands.
5. Home and / or defense of claims emerging from civil and commercial charters.
6. Insurance advice.
7. Permanent delivery of new developments in this field.